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Here is how PHYNESS works,
The principles, values and working methods.

What / How / Why of PHYNESS agency :

I chose this work by creating the phyness agency because it brings what I like.
Project management, internet approach, contact with project leaders, communication.

Freelance work also allows me to travel, the online work for communication is not a problem and in traveling I meet various clients and news idea.

Serve your projects as diverse as they are, allows me to implement my skills and challenge me, always learn to meet new demands.

Manage projects, communicate through all networks, travel all that requires me organized work for you as well as for myself.

The organization, the logistics are quality that allows me to move forward and not to lose foot.

The trip teaches me how to adapt to the expectations and ways of working of my clients.
Flexible and attentive we will find together a way to work well.

at PHYNESS offers you is the creation & management of your website.

Communication solutions to make your projects famous.
Tutorials and trainings to teach you how to manage your website and communication yourself.

Do for your and do with you, give yourself the means to do the maximun by yourself. Share knowledge.

Golden Circle with Simon Sinek

Important values:

& Useful
Always learn
Take on the challenge
Serve your project

Process :







Before starting the project, together determine your present needs, the future needs  can be anticipated and planed in the development.
Let us agree on what is achieved, what you can do by yourself, what you want to learn to do on your own.

PHYNESS realizes the project that we defined together in step 1.

You follow the evolution step by step, provide the information and make corrections if necessary.

A project monitoring sheet is put in place so, you can’t lose the thread of the project.

You have a free follow of 3 months on your project with access to PHYNESS support.
3 months to learn how to manage, and use your new working and communication tool.

Objective: Look in the same direction

Objective: To guarantee you a clear follow-up of the project and a fast progress.

Objective: give you a maximum of autonomy

For each client, i make a document project tracking.
Can not get lost or forget something


Here are some software with which the Phyness agency works. They can be useful for your project and for our collaboration, do not hesitate to download them and take a look.
These are free software (or with a free version).
If you want explanations on these software or tutorials you can ask them on the support.

Free software

Free tutorials for each software for customers.

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To help the overall vision of the project, Mind Map / Mind Mapping very visual and simplified presentation

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Google Drive

The best way to share documents, make forms and more.

A folder on google drive is created for each customer to share documents as well as tracking sheets, tests & recipes.

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Organization of notes, todo list. Management of notes with labels, books etc.

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Team Viewer

Even on the other side of the world I can help you by taking control of your computer.

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For file uploads that can not go through email. Up to 2GB.

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Gant Projet

If need for more complex projects, we realize a retro schedule to follow the tasks in the order.

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Wire Frame (Schema)

A drawing is often clearer than a long email. Draw your pages, show what you think with this online mapping tool.

You can also use a paper & pencil.


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